• InterSpaceLottery Site Rules

    Site Rules Information!

    1: You must be over 18 to play.

    2: Only one membership account per user or IP address. If two people from the same household/workplace want separate accounts then that is ok. (checks will be made to confirm this).

    3: We reserve the right to delete any account that is considered inactive or that has not been logged into for 365 days.

    4: Email reminders are provided to help you remember when the weekly draw has been made. If they fail, or your email provider chooses to filter them into Spam/Junk folders then we are not liable for missed tickets.

    5: Once the draw has been made, if you are the winner, the winnings are held in your account until you request them to be released.

    6: Winnings are paid into your PayPal account or via Voucher.

    7: The draw takes place Every Sunday at 12:10am server time.

    8: You must watch at least four 30 seconds adverts from our members before you can claim your free daily ticket.

    9: You must be a resident of Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, The United Kingdom , The United States or Europe in order to register to become a player.

    10: In order to keep the site fair we reserve the right to query entries from all registered players.

    11: We reserve the right to withhold winnings if we cannot ascertain that the account is legitimate.

    12:By joining FreeTERaffle you agree to receive updates and offers from ourselves up to twice a day maximum. (This excludes any system notices you may receive automatically) Mail outs from us may contain private advertisements of a product or service offered not by ourselves. As you opt in to receive these they are not spam so please do not report them as spam emails, false spam complaints will result in immediate deletion of your FreeTERaffle account.

    13: Winnings claimed by ineligible players will be denied and you will not be paid out.

    14: Players are required to review their own tickets, verify they have won, and claim their prize.

    Support Desk Center:

    If you are having any other issues or would just like to ask a questions, please use the link below.

    Go To Main HelpDesk Center.


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